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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


August 16, 2016 – Downtown Freeport IL 
Sunshine and the smiles of volunteers greeted 50 people who enrolled in a Free Hearing Screening clinic co-sponsored by the Freeport Lions Club and the Senior Resource Center at its 206 East Stephenson Street location.

Volunteers included Lions Joe Serafini, Rich Montgomery, Duane Smith, David Marcum, Terry Anderson, Dennis Zimmerman, and Roland Caruso. Lions Patrick Davis and Liz Moshure also supported the event by checking their own hearing as did Anita Caruso, wife of Lion Roland. Participants of the general public shall remain anonymous to protect their privacy.

FIRST CUSTOMER – (anonymous) completes the enrollment form as event sponsors look on. (L to R) Lions Joe Serafini, Dave Marcum and Roland Caruso, SRC Executive Director Sue Lambert, Lions Terry Anderson and Dennis Zimmerman. (photo by rmontgomery)
Asked if he thought this Lions Club event was a success, event chairperson Caruso, stated, “The event was scheduled to run from noon to about four o’clock, and there was a steady flow of active participants that tapered off during the last hour of the event. So yes, I think it was very successful.”
BUSY PLACE – Three anonymous people complete their registration forms for the free hearing screening with help from Lion Caruso as Lions Liz Moshure, Dennis Zimmerman, Duane Smith and Dave Marcum wait in the background. (photo by rmontgomery)
A second free Lions Club hearing screening was held the following day at the Senior Resource Center in Hanover IL co-sponsored with the Warren IL Lions Club.

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