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Thursday, August 17, 2017


August 12, 2017 - The Menard’s Store in Freeport IL donated a large cache of drinking water and cleaning supplies for the Freeport Lions Club to distribute to Freeport citizens who suffered flood damage to their homes during devastating July floods.

Club President, Roland Caruso, picked up donated supplies from Menard’s Assistant Store Manager, Michael Chernick. (Photo courtesy of Anita Roland)
Supplies donated included: drinking water, mops, buckets, bleach, vinyl gloves, scrub brushes, paper towels and trash bags.
Freeport Lions Club President, Roland Caruso, and Club Secretary, Joe Serafini, unload supplies from the trunk of Lion Caruso’s car prior to distribution to flood victims. (Photo courtesy of Anita Roland
Once again, Freeport Lions Club give a BIG ROAR of "THANKS" to all in our community, private citizens and service organizations alike, who have repeatedly come together during stressful times to improve the quality of life for their neighbors.

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Friday, July 28, 2017


Freeport Lions Donate to Flood Victims

The need for fresh drinking water and household bleach became apparent when the flood waters of the Pecatonica River entered citizens' homes during torrential and successive rainstorms.
Freeport Lions Club members personally donated 11 cases of bottled drinking water, 5 gallon jugs of drinking water, and 11 gallons of bleach at their business meeting on Tuesday, July 25, 2017.

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017, several Lions delivered the donated water and bleach to The Salvation Army headquarters at 106 West Exchange Street.

Salvation Army Captain Lee Brickson, the “Official Vehicle” for distributing to flood victims, accepted water and bleach donations from Freeport Lions Club members, Rich Montgomery, Roland Caruso and Terry Anderson. (Photo thanks to Kelsey Lewis)
Flood victims Kevin Toepfer, Henry Quintero, Donald Griffin, and David Lee help Lions Rich Montgomery and Lion Terry Anderson (in vests) unload water and bleach at Salvation Army headquarters for flood victims. (Photo by Andrea Montgomery)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Member Awards Presented

Several Freeport Lions Club members were recognized at the July 25, 2017, business dinner meeting by being presented awards.

Lion Liz Moshure received a Centennial Award for sponsoring a new member, Lion Stacie Dixon, during the 100-year anniversary of Lions Club International.

Attendance Awards were presented to Lions Roland Caruso, Richard Montgomery and Dr. Nick Wells for constant participation in Lionism.

 Freeport Lions Club President, Roland Caruso, attempted to get all members’ attention at the start of the meeting by wearing his "Get the Big Picture" glasses.




Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Club Treasurer, Lion Dennis Zimmerman (left), was presented with a gold Centennial Award pin at the May 23, 2017, business dinner meeting for sponsoring new member Lion Sandra Janicke. The award was presented by then-Club President, Lion Brian Burk.

Monday, July 24, 2017

New Club President Starts 2017-2018 Term

Lion Caruso (right) received Lion of the Year Award
from outgoing Club President Brian Burke

Lion Roland Caruso was voted in as Club President during the 2016-2017 term of then-Club President, Brian Burke. Lion Caruso is known for his dedication to the cause of Lionism and for his sense of humor. He became a Lion in 2011 and has served this club and the Freeport community in a variety of volunteer, public relations and fundraising roles. Lion Caruso received the "Lion of the Year" award at the June 27, 2017, new officer induction ceremony, for his many efforts. 

Following are the meeting minutes from Lion Caruso's first meeting as Club President as recorded by Club Secretary, Lion Joe Serafini on July 11, 2017.

Communications: July Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lion's Terry Anderson 7/2; Keith Brown 7/4; Joe Serafini 7/10; Lillian Osran 7/14; Liz Moshure 7/22; Stacie Dixon 7/23 and Jeff Cowman 7/30.  We received a thank you from Eversight of IL thanking us for our $300.00,donation.   

Old / New Business:  
A.  Club Scrapbooks:  We have two binders and up-dates are continuing.  Check them out at our meetings.
B. Dist. 1D Golf Outing 8/26 (Saturday): Lion Joe Serafini says to let him know if you are interested in being on this committee as we will be scheduling a meeting in near future.  Lions who have expressed committee interest: Roland Caruso, Dave Marcum, Liz Moshure, Gary Hutmacher, Terry Anderson, Dennis Zimmerman and Joe Serafini - anyone else? 
C "Say Cheese" Sale Fundraiser:  Chairman Roland Caruso says final report will be presented at 7/25 meeting.
D. Flapjack Fundraiser 9/16:  Lion Dave Marcum will have more for us at the date gets closer.
E. RAMP/ITAC: Lion Liz Moshure has flyer for the  RAMP/ITAC open house on 8/16 from 11:00-2:30.  We will need a couple Lion's to man a table.  Further discussion at 7/25 meeting.
F. 6/26 Lena Lions Golf Outing:  This is a 9-hole outing - Lion's Anderson, Caruso and Serafini are interested, do we have one more to make a fourth?  Let Lion Joe know - email or call 815-275-8737.

Tail Twister: Lion Paul Rampenthal kicked off his 1st meeting as Tail Twister with Baseball All Star Game Questions (All Star Game is tonight and was won by the American League 2-1 in 10 innings).  When was the 1st All Star Game?  84 years ago at Comiskey Park, Chicago.  Largest crowd was?  72,000 and in Cleveland, OH.  Thanks Lion Paul "nice job" and you collected $15.00 for our Admin. Account.  

50/50 Drawing: Lion Joe Serafini conducted & $15.00 winner was Lion Brian Burke who used it to buy an extra meal and donated balance to the club - thanks Lion Brian.  Thanks Lion Joe as a total of $15.00 ($18.00 total) will be added to our Admin. account.

Program: Lion Joe Serafini introduced Laura McKenzie, Money Management Coordinator, Stephenson County Senior Resource Center. 
Laura was born in Libertyville, IL and moved to Dakota where she graduated from Dakota High School.  She wanted to be a nurse and ended up as a Nursing Home Administrator.  Her son went to college in Hawaii and lived there for about 8 years.  She took a sabbatical and moved to Hawaii for a year.  She returned to our area and has been at the SRC for about 2  1/2 years.  Her role along with about 12 others is to help seniors in writing checks to pay monthly bills, balance a checkbook and reconcile their bank statements.  Other services they provide are referrals for benefits or services they may be eligible for, set up monthly income/expenses, develop financial goal, help fill out forms, set up filing system for paid bills and other related correspondence.  They can help intervene with creditors.  Benefits from their service?  Can help in bill paying process for those with loss of sight, tremors, etc.  Help eliminate late fees, overdrafts, and give a peace of mind for the clients and their family.  They don't touch any cash, debit or credit cards, serve as power of attorney, nor advise as to investments.  If you have any interest or know of someone who could use their expertise, be sure to refer them to the SRC at 815/235-9571 or email Laura at:  Great program and we applaud Laura and her crew for the work they do - President Roland presented Laura with a Lion's pen to thank her for coming to be with us.

"LIONS" - Liberty, Intelligence, and Our Nation's Safety

"EVERSIGHT OF IL" -  Who can be an eye donor?  Anyone can donate eyes.  If the corneal tissue is not transplantable, due to age or medical condition, the donation can, with consent, be considered a gift for research and education.

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Up-Coming Dates (mark your calendar):
  • Jul. 25 - 5:30PM Board Meeting - Eagle's Club
  • Jul. 25 - 6:30PM Regular Meeting - Eagle's Club
  • Jul. 26 - Lena Lions Club Golf Outing - 4PM Wolf Hollow
  • Aug. 8 -  6:00PM Regular Meeting - Eagle's Club
  • Aug. 16 - RAMP/ITAC Open House 11-2:00PM
  • Aug. 22 - 5:30PM Board Meeting - Eagle's Club
  • Aug. 22 - 6:30PM Regular Meeting - Eagle's Club
  • Aug. 26 - District 1D Golf Outing
  • Sept. 16 - Applebee's Flapjack Fundraiser
  • Oct. 28 -  Rose Day

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Friday, June 23, 2017


Since 1994 the Lions of Illinois Foundation have distributed more than 5,000,000 pairs of graded, used eyeglasses. These recycled eyeglasses are given to people in need, with the help of various medical missionaries, in Central and South America.

 Eyeglasses collected in Freeport IL are given to the Lions of Illinois Foundation where they are sorted for recycling to those who cannot afford it. The public can also support this program by donating used eyeglasses at one of the many eyeglass collection box locations in Freeport.

Northwest Eye care, 1000 Kiwanis Drive
FHN Burchard Hills Clinic, 1010 Fairway Drive
FHN – Doctor’s Offices, West Stephenson Street
Shopko, 555 West South Street
Midwest Community Bank, 1725 South West Ave
Dr. Hanny Isawi, Ophthalmology, 1045 West Stephenson St.
St. Thomas Aquinas Church 1400 Kiwanis Drive
Lutheran Social Services 1730 South Hance Drive
Senior Resource Center, 206 East Stephenson Street
Tormohlen's Good People Automotive, 1800 South Ihm Blvd
Provena St. Joseph Center, 659 East Jefferson Street

YMCA, 701 West Empire Street
Eagles Club, 1200 West Galena Street

Any type of eyeglasses and visual aid is welcome. The program can use sunglasses, telescopic, magnifying, and prescription eyeglasses. Eyeglass cases cannot be redistributed due to sanitary issues and health guidelines.

When Freeport Lions’ eyeglass collection boxes are full they are combined and dropped off at the Lions of Illinois Foundation office in Sycamore, Illinois. Previously owned eyeglasses are typically sent out of the U.S.

Due to the legal constraints concerning the dispersal of prescriptive devices, and the shipment of certain types of metal, glasses are sorted and restricted frames are sold for recycling. Funds from the sale of restricted metal frames help pay for the program and other humanitarian services of the Lions of Illinois Foundation.