Friday, September 12, 2014



Serving and giving back to the community.

THREE NEW LIONS were inducted as members of the Freeport Lions Club at their September 9, 2014, meeting. Shown are club president and sponsor, Richard Montgomery, with his new Lion Larry Trimble, Lions District 1D Governor Jim Kloepping, and sponsor, Rick Eastman, with his two new Lions Randy Hornung and Kent Cairy. We Serve.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


FREEPORT 08/26/2014 -

"Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as "Lou Gehrig's Disease," is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord." Many of us know someone who had or has this disease. During the warm summer months of August the biggest Facebook rage was to challenge someone to get "dunked" by a bucket full of ice & water and then donate some money to research for a cure for ALS.

I received my challenge from Freeport Lions Club Past President Terry Anderson on 08/25/2014. Lion Terry and his wife, Cheryl, posted a fun video of Terry pouring ice water over his head and then gasping for air from the chilly mixture.

I asked my grandchildren and my wife to help me accept my challenge. We had fun doing it and then making a donation in honor of a disease that is no fun at all.

Rich Montgomery, President, Freeport Lions Club




ANNUAL ROSE DAY SALES - The Freeport IL Lions Club will deliver roses on October 25, 2014, to anywhere in Stephenson County and it's fringe boundary towns in other counties. Call President Rich Montgomery (815) 541-5591 or any of the Freeport Lions to order a dozen (or more) for $18.00 for a friend, sweetheart or someone special; now thru October 20th.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

FREE Amp Phone from RAMP

Lion Liz Boyer is a member of Freeport Lions Club

Please share with friends/family/contacts in case there is someone in your life who may benefit from a FREE Amplified Phone.
Do you know of a family member or friend who has a hard time hearing on their land line phone? If so, let them know there is an absolutely FREE program to receive a FREE amplified phone for their home!
Many are skeptical about the word FREE but the truth is Illinois has had this program in place for individuals with hearing loss. Every standard landline phone bill within Illinois is charged 9 cents per billing cycle to cover the costs of these otherwise rather expensive phones.

There are actually four amplified phones to choose from and one captioned phone for individuals who are unable to hear on the phone but have good enough speech skills to reply to text.

If you know someone who may be interested give me a call M-F at the RAMP office (815) 233-1128, or just stop by 2155 W. Galena Avenue Freeport, IL. . 

The only thing required to qualify for this program is to have a land line phone and that a doctor or Audiologist will need to sign your application. If you would like further information on this program just give me a call or shoot me an email. I would be happy to give you further information!! 

Liz Boyer
Information & Referral Specialist/Office Assistant


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


NEWS FROM OUR TWIN CLUB IN NEPAL 08-22-2014 - If any of our blog readers, after reading this story,viewing these images and watching the video, would like to designate a donation to the Lions Club, please contact Club President, Rich Montgomery,
Dear Lion Richard,

I would like to inform you we had done our Street Children Program at Slum area in Kathmandu on 22 August 2014. I am so pleasant for reporting to you.

We were distributing respectively; Stationary and Sports Materials, Toys and Musical Instrument for the underprivileged students and school which you can see through photos.

I think the photos will more explain to you all better than me.
In these program, had presented our zone chairperson, Past Multiple Council Chairperson, Past Presidents of Local Committee, Committee of the Parents and Board of Directors and family from the School.
From these program directly 100 students got benefit and more children, family and community indirectly will get our services from the school.

It was our small effort to take attention Nepalese Lions Clubs for these kind of the area too.

We hope all of the Nepalese Lions Clubs shall bring services in those area soon.

By the way, I wanted to short explain about these projects because why we brought it in the slum area? and why we took long duration for it?

You know that after released our social music video, we wanted to support street children on road but we were not doing it because our board wanted to collect more information about the street children.

Then we were planning to research about the street children so we took a long time for completing these projects.

After long investigation and research we found the major problem of the street children and how to they come on street in Kathmandu Road? 

We were able to go to root of this problem.

All of the street children came from the SLUM COMMUNITY because their family was very poor and they were not able to survive daily life properly and full fill the basic requirement of the children.

So, Most of the Children does not go to school because their family could not affordable education expenses and other expenses.

Many of the house hold does not jobs and works.

We found some more critical situation of the adult and senior citizens too.

Not only children came on street but more senior citizens to came out together from these kind of community.

We found lots of the problem in these community like Food, Shelter, Health, Education, Sanitation, Nutrition, Eyes, Play Ground etc., and you can see how many they were taking risk to stay on river side through photos.

Finally, our club decided to cut root of the problem of street children.

Then we were going to SLUM AREA and gave our contribution to children and school.

In that school had not anything and properly setup office, class rooms, toilets, play ground etc. We just gave our small services in that school for brighter future of the underprivileged students and children. We were able to encourage few children to join school and making your quality life through education.

If you have any query about this program and wanted to give more services in that area please without any hesitate you would inform me.  I will try to give answered you on time.

Please watch our social music video link:

Thank you so much.

Best Regards,
Lion Sunit Shrestha
International Relationship Chairperson
Lions Club of Kathmandu Gliese
Kathmandu, Nepal

Thursday, August 14, 2014


FREEPORT 08/12/2014 - Guest speaker for the August 12, 2014, meeting of the Freeport Lions Club was Lion Kara Kelly, Manager of Professional and Public Education and a Certified Eye Bank Technician, from the Illinois Eye Bank. Lion Kara was sponsored into Lions in 2000. Lion Kara has sponsored 6 new Lions herself!  

Following dinner, Lion Kara provided a powerful PowerPoint presentation on the Eye Bank, its many success stories and its research.  

Both old and young patients benefit from corneal transplants. The youngest person to receive a corneal transplant was just a few days old and the oldest was 104. With advances in surgical techniques such as corneal transplants and stem cell research, doctors and researchers are optimistic that blindness could be totally prevented within 20 years.

Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) and Lions of Illinois Foundation (LIF) are both strong supporters of the work performed by the Illinois Eye Bank. Families of recently deceased people donate eyes and eye tissue to make this possible.

Lion Rebecca Shriver and Lion President Richard Montgomery present Kara Kelly (center) a $250 donation for the Illinois Eye Bank on behalf of the Freeport Lions Club.
Following the presentation, the Club presented Lion Kara Kelly with a donation of $250 for the Illinois Eye Bank. Our members consider themselves lucky to have this great organization in our own state of Illinois. We are proud to count Lion Kara as “one of the pride” in District 1D. Special thanks from all the members to fellow member Lion Rebecca Shriver for scheduling this excellent program.

The Freeport Lions Club meets for dinner every 2nd and 4th Tuesday. You can learn more about them and view their photo albums on the internet:  or