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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Freeport Lions Club initiated an eleven-day eyeglass collection project with Freeport Health Network (FHN).

Club project chairperson, Lion Roland Caruso, together with Kimberly Wichman and Len Carter from FHN’s Human Resources Department, are hoping for great results.


FHN’s HR department sent the following message to all staff on Thursday, October 13th.

FHN Value Support Team

Lions Club Collection

Monday, October 17th - Friday, October 28th


Denim Day

Friday, October 28th


The Value Support Team is sponsoring a collection of eye glasses and hearing aids to support the Lions Club. The Lions Club turned in approximately 800 pairs of glasses last month alone. The glasses are sorted by prescription and then distributed internationally to those who cannot afford and/or who do not have access to but who are in need of eyewear.  So please donate to help this wonderful organization within our community help others around the world.


There will be bins at the following locations for easy drop off:


1)FHN Memorial Hospital Staff Entrance

2)Burchard Hills

3)Family Counseling Center

4)Highland View Drive


Off-site locations may send their supplies to Human Resources via FHN Messenger Services/Courier.


If you donate items and/or make a monetary donation you will then be able to wear your “JEANS” to work on Denim Day Friday, October 28th. Stickers must be worn on Denim Day with your jeans. You may pick up your sticker at the drop off location based on the honor system. If you are located at an off-site location, contact Human Resources for your sticker.


Thanks for your support!

The Value Support Team



Check back at this blog for an update on the success of this project.


2016 Candy Days

The Freeport Lions Club designated Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1 as Candy Days to collect donations to help fund the many programs of the Lions of Illinois Foundation. 

Lions Andy Skinner and Terry Anderson 2016 Candy Days co-chairpersons, thank everyone for volunteering and having another successful Candy Days; and a big "THANKS" to local businesses who graciously gave up  space for our club.

Thank you to the following Freeport High School Student Council volunteers who collected donations for this worthy cause on Saturday, October 1st: Adam Acevedo, Nadia DeCastris, Cassidy Grunewald, Jordan Kerr, Carly McAuliffe, Ella Redmore, Dan Rials, Montana Stewart, Carter Shockey, Payton Shockey and Kelly Van.
All volunteers worked a minimum 2-hour shift for an 8-hour day at 4 different business locations: Cub Foods, Shopko, Save-a-Lot Grocery, and Sullivan's Foods. Some Lions Club volunteers worked a shift of both Friday and Saturday, as noted: Terry Anderson (FS), Keith Brown, Brian Burke, Pat Davis, Gary Hutmacher, Sandy Janicke, Bert Kersten (FS), David Marcum, Rich Montgomery (FS), Paul Rampenthal, Joe Serafini (FS), Rebecca Shriver, Andy Skinner (FS), Duane Smith, Darla Van Buskirk, Nick Wells, Brian Wheelock and Dennis Zimmerman (FS).

Collecting donations at Cub Foods were Freeport High School Student Council members and brothers Carter Shockey and Payton Shockey. Our photographer just happened to stop by when their mother, Sara Shockey, was leaving the store with her groceries. She showed just how proud she is of her two sons for volunteering.

Happy to volunteer and collect donations for Lions in front of Sullivan’s Foods were Freeport High School student Council members Kelly Van and Adam Acevedo

Club President Brian Burke

Co-Chair Andy Skinner

Terry and Darla looking for donors at Cub Foods
A smiling Sandi Janicke greeted donors at Shopko
Dennis Zimmerman greeted Save-a-Lot shoppers
Rich Montgomery thanks the Save-a-Lot donors
Joe Serafini met Cub Foods shoppers with a smile
An anonymous donor gives $ to Andy Skinner

Co-Chair Terry Anderson helps Darla VanBuskirk don vest

Friday, September 16, 2016


Freeport resident Kathryn Lynch has a low-vision condition so severe that she must always use some sort of magnifier to bring objects and print into focus. It can take two to three times as long for her to read a simple newspaper article as it does someone with 20/20 vision.
On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, the Freeport Lions Club donated a new, modern, DaVinci HD Ultra 24 magnifying reader to Kathryn.

Lion Joe Serafini points to specific buttons and knobs on the magnifier control panel for Kathryn as Lion Terry Anderson reads about them from the operations manual.
Lions Terry Anderson and Joe Serafini unpacked and set up the reader for her in her home, and gave Kathryn some initial instructions with her at the controls.

“Oh my goodness!” Kathryn exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, this is just wonderful!”
When she saw all the amazing features of the machine she exclaimed over and over how wonderful it was to be able to see things like a grandchild’s picture, a simple cake recipe, and an old address book once again without the troublesome eye strain that it normally takes for her to see things that most people might take for granted, like writing a check to pay a bill for instance.
Once the basic training session was completed, the Lions Anderson and Serafini gave Kathryn the instruction manual so she could magnify it herself, continue becoming familiar with the machine at her own speed, and improve the quality of her reading and communicating.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


August 16, 2016 – Downtown Freeport IL 
Sunshine and the smiles of volunteers greeted 50 people who enrolled in a Free Hearing Screening clinic co-sponsored by the Freeport Lions Club and the Senior Resource Center at its 206 East Stephenson Street location.

Volunteers included Lions Joe Serafini, Rich Montgomery, Duane Smith, David Marcum, Terry Anderson, Dennis Zimmerman, and Roland Caruso. Lions Patrick Davis and Liz Moshure also supported the event by checking their own hearing as did Anita Caruso, wife of Lion Roland. Participants of the general public shall remain anonymous to protect their privacy.

FIRST CUSTOMER – (anonymous) completes the enrollment form as event sponsors look on. (L to R) Lions Joe Serafini, Dave Marcum and Roland Caruso, SRC Executive Director Sue Lambert, Lions Terry Anderson and Dennis Zimmerman. (photo by rmontgomery)
Asked if he thought this Lions Club event was a success, event chairperson Caruso, stated, “The event was scheduled to run from noon to about four o’clock, and there was a steady flow of active participants that tapered off during the last hour of the event. So yes, I think it was very successful.”
BUSY PLACE – Three anonymous people complete their registration forms for the free hearing screening with help from Lion Caruso as Lions Liz Moshure, Dennis Zimmerman, Duane Smith and Dave Marcum wait in the background. (photo by rmontgomery)
A second free Lions Club hearing screening was held the following day at the Senior Resource Center in Hanover IL co-sponsored with the Warren IL Lions Club.

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Saturday, September 3, 2016


Freeport Lions Terry Anderson, Sandy Janicke and Joe Serafini attended the District 1D Candy Day Jamboree in Leaf River IL on 8/27/16.  They also submitted over 800 pairs of eyeglasses, 4 hearing aids and 10 ink cartridges from the club’s collection points to the Lions of Illinois Foundation for recycling.

LIF Executive Director, Mario Gumino, gave the opening remarks and asked all clubs to work hard to make their Candy Day fundraiser a success.  Lunch was served to over 60 Lions from the District.

Candy Day funds raised by Illinois Lions Clubs help offset LIF expenses for Camp Lions and children who are vision and hearing challenged children.

Freeport Lions scheduled two days for their Candy Day fundraiser on September 30th and October 1st with Freeport collection points at Cub Foods, Shopko, Sullivan's Foods and the Sav-A-Lot grocery.

In the photo (L-R) are: Kevin Laminere, SE Central Zone Chairman, Immediate Past District Governor, Gary Meyers, Freeport Candy Day Lion (Joe Serafini), current District 1D Governor, Pam Graney, and NW Central Zone Chairman/2nd Vice-District Governor, Barb Stewart.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Freeport IL, has a very unique collection “box” for Freeport Lions Club to collect used eyewear to recycle.
It looks like a wooden paddle with a wire basket fastened to the lower half, and hangs from one of the church walls in the vestibule by the church office, and contains a partial biblical quote from St. Matthew, chapter 11, verse 5, “…the blind receive sight…”

Laura Diemer, Director of Communications
Aquin Catholic Schools, is also the music and youth coordinator at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. After buying the hanging basket at Hobby Lobby, she drew the words by hand using ink pens.
Church parishioners regularly donate their used eye glasses and deposit them in the wall hanging.

Because of smaller efforts like this, the Lions of Illinois Foundation located in Sycamore, Illinois, sorts thousands of pairs of collected eyeglasses to help visually impaired people around the world.
There are a number of eyeglass collection points around Freeport, normally in the form of a cardboard box with the Lions Clubs International symbol on it.

A big THANK YOU, Freeport, for improving the quality of life for people around the world, and to Lion Roland Caruso for this article’s research.
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