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Saturday, November 14, 2015


FREEPORT LIONS can donate a little less up front for their District 1D lottery tickets and still have the same chance to win their money back in 2016 as they did last year by purchasing a calendar.

Lions who attended the November 4, 2015, Northwest Central Zone Meeting Lions were told that they now have the option of buying District 1D lottery tickets versus buying the traditional District calendars.

For the lower cost of a $20 numbered ticket compared to a $25 calendar, Lions can still get the same chance to win on the Pick-3 Lottery every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
Both the $20 numbered tickets and $25 calendars will be available for purchase at the Freeport Lions Club’s 11/24/15 meeting through Club Secretary, Lion Joe Serafini.



Freeport Lions Club president, Bert Kersten, has promised that Lions could fill as many time slots as possible for the Salvation Army’s "Ringing Bells" on Saturday, December 5th at JC Penney's in the Meadows Shopping Center.  Lions will be inside the doorway greeting shoppers and collecting donations for the Salvation Army Christmas Fund Drive. More volunteers will mean shorter shifts for everyone. Lions can sign up at the November 24th meeting, or let Lion Bert know before the meeting.



Friday, August 28, 2015

2015 Back To School Celebration

Parents and K-8 school children lined up early on Saturday, 08/22/15, to receive backpacks loaded with school supplies for Kindergarten through 8th grade children, as well as shopping bags loaded with fresh fruit, nutrition bars and health drinks.

Earlier in the week on Monday night Lions Terry Anderson, Keith Brown and Rich Montgomery and about 15 community volunteers unpacked pallets and boxes of about 600 backpacks and numerous school supplies needed students of the various elementary schools.

More volunteers arrived early on Saturday to help prepare the gym of the King Community Center.

Lion Terry Anderson, Lion Joe Serafini and his wife Nancy Serafini, and Lions Stacie Dixon and Rebecca Shriver took a quick photo break from filling shopping bags with healthy fruit, juices and snacks.

Mandatory Workshops
Parents were required to attend one or more of 4 available workshops and get their children’s backpack tickets punched before they could receive their school supplies.

Lions Rebecca Shriver and Stacie Dixon punched attendance cards for parents as proof of attendance for the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Development) college preparation workshop.

School District Superintendent, Lion Mike Schiffman answers parent questions in the “Meet the Superintendent” workshop.

Entertainment and Physical Fitness

While parents attended educational workshops, children K-8 were kept busy in the gym with wide-screen movies projected on the gym wall, and supervised games like jump-rope.
“Spin-er-cise” allowed children to spin a roulette-style wheel with various exercises listed on it, and then pick a partner to perform the actual fun exercises.
Free Eye Clinic
FHN (Freeport Health Network) nurses were on hand to provide free student eye exams.

Volunteer Lion Andy Skinner closed one eye and tried read the eye exam chart.

School Supplies Distributed
After the workshops concluded, anxious children and parents reunited and lined up for the backpacks and healthy food bags distribution. Lions Andy Skinner, Terry Anderson, Stacie Dixon, Rebecca Shriver and Keith Brown and a host of Boys & Girls Club volunteers moved as fast as they could to complete their tasks.
In a blur of final activity, parents of children K-8 lined up a backpack filled with school supplies for each child listed on their completed workshop tickets.
About 200 backpacks were distributed to local families. The packs and supplies were purchased using donations from local businesses and the Freeport Lions CIub. The remaining backpacks will be given to Freeport School District schools, which will pass them on to families in need.
For many single-parent families with multiple school-age children it would be a hardship to purchase (all the necessary) backpacks and school supplies that the various schools require every year.

Closing Ceremony
Former 3rd Ward Alderman, Ronnie Bush, thanked everyone for their contributions, and introduced Freeport Mayor Jim Gitz who praised everyone’s efforts in making the Back-To-School Celebration an annual success for the school children and their parents.

Ronnie Bush, Lion Andy Skinner, Mayor Jim Gitz, Greg Briggs, Lion Rich Montgomery pose for a group photo during the outdoor festivities after the backpacks were distributed.
The Freeport Lions Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesday each month.
Our motto is "We Serve"
For more information contact (815) 541-5591. Like us? See:

(Freeport Lions Club publicity photos by Rich Montgomery, Publicity Committee)


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Annual Back-to-School Celebration

Again this year Freeport Lions Club will be supporting the Back-to-School Celebration at Freeport Boys & Girls Club. This year's event will be held on Saturday, August 22, 2015.
Below are some highlights from last year's festivities.
August 16, 2014 FREEPORT - photos on this page by Lion Rich Montgomery

Dr. Patrick Hardy's Workshop - "Personalized Mastery"
3rd Ward Alderman Ronnie Bush thanks Lion Rebecca Shriver for Lions financial and personal support.
Thanks to Lions Darla VanBuskirk, Rich Montgomery, Terry Anderson, Rebecca Shriver, Pat Davis and his grandson, Fisher.

Lion Darla VanBuskirk reconnected with her former student, Christine.
Lion Darla checks the backpack contents for a student.
Lion Terry Anderson ensures that backpacks are distributed evenly
Elsewhere on the grounds, the Freeport Fire Department held a demonstration, vendors handed out information at their booths, Big Daddy Woo-Woo had a great live band sound, and the BBQ rib tips were awesome!

The local newspaper, Journal-Standard, was also there reporting. Read Shannon Ireland's article with the following link --

Whenever and wherever there is a need for the Lions Club, We Serve.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Annual Golf & Steak Fry

June 9 started out sunny and bright at the Park Hills Golf Course, and ended with fun and laughter among Freeport Lions Club members and their guests. Read more in the following minutes compiled by Club Secretary, Joe Serafini.
Mike “Yogi” Logemann (Stockton IL), Joe Serafini (Freeport), and Jim Brenner (Lena)
made a threesome in the best-ball playday with a final score of 69 on the par 72 course.

Jun. 9, 2015 - Meeting Minutes - FREEPORT LIONS CLUB

Compiled by Lion Joe Serafini, Club Secretary

Meeting was called to order @ 5:45 PM @ Eagle’s Club by President Richard Montgomery
Attendance:   Guests: 9       Members: 22 (GREAT - KEEP IT UP!)
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag - led by Pres. Richard Montgomery 
Invocation - given by Pres. Richard Montgomery

Guests: Deb Medendorp, Scott Moore, Patty Moore (of Jim Medendorp); Stacy Dixon, Tanna Gundry (of Liz Moshure; Also welcomed Lena Lions guests Virgil Gordon, President Susie Gordon, and Jim Brenner and Jim’s guest, Yogi Logemann from Stockton.

Communications:  Wedding Anniversaries: Lion Rebecca (Randy Rice) Shriver will celebrate 35th on 6/14; Lion Jim (Deb) Medendorp will celebrate 36th on 6/23; Lion Terry (Cheryl) Anderson will celebrate 44 years before our next meeting.  Lion Rich Montgomery will celebrate his birthday 6/13.  Congratulations to all on their wedding celebrations and a Happy Birthday to Lion/Pres. Rich.

Dinner:  Following a short social time, members / guests cooked their own steaks on the Eagle’s Club charcoal grill. Baked potatoes and salads were made available.

Old / New Business:

A.   Eyeglass/Hearing Aid Collection Box Locations:

Eastrich Printing
FHN – Burchard Hills Clinic
NW Eye Care
Midwest Community Bank (West Ave.)
Dr. Isawi's Office
Sr. Resource Center
Presence St. Joseph Nursing Home

B.   Officer Training 6/15 Pearl City: Will get up-date from Lion's who attended at next meeting.

C.   Leonard Ferguson Center:  Lions Richard Montgomery and Darla VanBuskirk attended the Center’s recognition/open house on 5/27. They were impressed with how much more work has been completed since March 2012. See story .

D.   Little League Sign: Lion Dennis Zimmerman will give us a formal report at our next meeting.

E.    "Say Cheese" Cheese Sales Fundraiser: Lion Darla Van Buskirk and Treasurer Dennis Zimmerman collected all Cheese sale sheets and we'll be getting our orders filled for delivery on 6/20 and/or 6/23.

F.    Monetary requests:  None

G.   Tail Twister: Lion Terry Anderson tested us on a collage of questions previously asked over the past year.  Very tricky those of us with "short" memories!  It was a lot of fun Lion Terry for your "swan song" - the last for your tenure.  You did a great job over the past year.  He collected $26.00, for our Admin. Account.

Lion Tamer, Terry Anderson, collects a $1 fine from president-elect, Bert Kersten,
for “dress code violation” - not having a visible Lions logo
Lion Tamer, Terry Anderson, collects a $1 fine from member-at-large, Nelson Julius in red shirt, for “dress code violation” - not having a visible Lions logo. Brian Burke tried to wear a plain blue t-shirt
without the logo, but he could not fool the all-knowing Lion Tamer!

Members and guests have fun laughing and helping each other’s memories with hand signs, whispers and fake coughs during the Lion Tamer’s trivia quiz.

H.   50/50 Drawing: Lion Brian Burke conducted Winner of $27.00, was Pres. Richard Montgomery who quickly donated his winnings back to our club for our Admin. Account. along with $27.00 (total $54.00 goes to our admin. account).  Thanks Lion Pres. Rich for your generosity and Lion Brian for conducting.

I.      6/23 Installation of Officers and Induction of New Members:  Lion Joe passed around a sign-up sheet

J.    Program:  Club Golf Outing was today with our steak fry.  10 oz. rib eye's & fixing's were great. We welcomed golfers from Lena Lions, Jim Brenner and his guest, Mike "Yogi" Logemann from Stockton. Scores and Golf teams today at Park Hills "East" Golf Course were:

a.    76 - Rich Montgomery, Leo Bonin & Terry Anderson

b.    69 - Roland Caruso, Pat Davis, Andy (long ball hitter) Skinner, and Nelson Julius

c.    69 - Joe Serafini, Jim Brenner and Yogi Logemann

Everyone who participated was a winner as we had great weather and a lot of fun.  Lion Joe presented both Lion Jim Brenner and Yogi Logemann with a Park Hills Golf Course Pinnacle logo ball for having the longest drive (they drove over from Stockton to be with us!)
Freeport Lions Terry Anderson, Club President Rich Montgomery and Leo Bonin made up another threesome with a score of 76.

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